14 | Living in and fleeing the Sahel
How to cope with food insecurity and climate change and migration

The Sahel zone is hit hard by climate change and drought. How do people cope with these harsh realities? How are women motivated to get active? Niger is the birthplace of CARE’s successful and often-replicated Village Savings and Loan Associations program, which economically empowers women and raises their social and political status.

Workshop in English with German co-moderation

Aim: To hear first hand from a young woman living in the Sahel about the interlinkages of climate change, food insecurity and migration as well as possible solutions. And what can we do in Austria?

Hosted by: CARE Österreich
Workshopleitung: Rakietou Hassane Mossi, CARE Niger
Durchführungszeitraum: Okt. 2019 – Jän. 2020
Dauer: 3 Stunden
Veranstaltungsort: nach Absprache
Kosten: keine
Zusatzinformation: In English with German co-moderation

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